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Peter Weverka - Windows 10 For Seniors For Dummies, 4th Edition
26 Авг 20, 5:59 PM
The easy way to get up and running with Windows 10!
With Windows 10 For Seniors For Dummies, becoming familiarized with Windows 10 is a painless process. If you’re interested in learning the basics of this operating system without having to dig through confusing computer jargon, look no further.

This book offers a step-by-step approach that is specifically designed to assist first time Windows 10 users who are over-50, providing easy-to-understand language, large-print text, and an abundance of helpful images along the way! 

• Protect your computer
• Follow friends and family online
• Use Windows 10 to play games and enjoy media
• Check your security and maintenance status

Step-by-step instructions are provided to ensure that you don't get lost at any point along the way.

Автор: Peter Weverka
Язык: English
Издательство: For Dummies
Жанр: Компьютерная литература
Год: 2020
Формат: epub
Размер: 25,2 Mb

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